Soli & Rob share a passion for performing to young audiences. The creative collaboration, now spanning 18 years, came about as the duo, combined Rob’s experience in songwriting with Soli’s background in theatre and puppetry. The result is a rare live show that mixes music, humour and puppetry in a way that is truly mesmerizing to children and their families. 
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! is Soli & Rob's latest offering and a perfect example of this artistic blend. More than a concert; it tells a story and includes puppetry, which adds comical and visual elements that are thrilling to behold. Songs sung and strummed by Soli & Rob are punctuated by appearances from “The Bungalow Bugs”: Alistair Ant, Sluggo the Slug and Lily Mae the Butterfly, from inside their own puppet stage. The puppets were built by renowned French puppet maker Ivan Pavlov and are a colourful and expressive addition to the show.

Throughout the first decade of the new millennium, Soli & Rob honed their skills by creating and performing in their own series of musical puppet shows. The Alistair Ant trilogy (“Bigger the Better”, “Double Trouble” and “Happy Birthday”) followed Alistair Ant, a small bug with a big personality who through a series of hilarious misadventures, learns valuable life lessons.  “Bigger the Better” broke attendance records at the 2002 Toronto Fringe Festival, while “Double Trouble” was selected by TORONTO STAR as the critic’s pick in 2004’s Fringe Fest. 
These theatrical shows, along with 2006’s “Happy Birthday” and 2010’s “The Bungalow Bugs”, have enjoyed 13 seasons at Solar Stage Children’s Theatre as well as performances at Downsview Park Canada Day Festival, the Toronto Zoo, Centre Island, Casa Loma not to mention countless daycare centres, schools, libraries and corporate events. 

Soli & Rob recorded and released CD adaptations of these plays which have since sold over 4000 copies.

One of the “biggest names in pint-sized entertainment,”
                                                                        TORONTO LIFE MAGAZINE
"Toronto's #1 Children's Entertainers" 
                                                                        CITY PARENT MAGAZINE’S Readers' Choice Awards 2008
"This entertainment for parents and tots features bright visuals and songs of award-winning calibre."
                                                                        EYE MAGAZINE

“The Joys are a joy when they sing…”         
                                                                       TORONTO STAR
“Soli and Rob Joy are polished children’s performers…reminiscent of kid’s TV shows”
                                                                        EYE MAGAZINE
"The lessons learned by Alistair have been applied many times already to incidences in our classroom."   
                                                                        Diane McKinlay, Kindergarten Teacher
“Soli & Rob have a kid-magnet charm that allows children to feel completely comfortable in their presence.”
                                                                        Kim Silva, Childcare Supervisor       416-532-4404

Soli & Rob Joy  
62 Golden Avenue, Toronto, ON  M6R 2J4